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The Wedding Dress Box

brideThe Memories and Nostalgia Collection Wedding Dress Box will help protect your beautiful and most treasured wedding dress from inevitable damage and decay over time.

The Wedding Dress Storage Box is made in the UK from a special Archival and Acid Free Board material that is used in all our conservation products.

This is the same material that we supply to many of the UKs leading museums and Archives and It has been extensively and rigorously tested to meet UK and international conservation standards.

Things to check when buying your Wedding Dress Box

Available in 3 different sizes to suit all dresses.

Prices from only 26.96 inc VAT and delivery

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  • Acid Free Wedding Dress Box (3 different sizes available) 
    For your wedding dress.
  • Acid Free Shoe and Accessories Box, 362x260x100mm
    Perfect for shoes, congratulations cards, certificates, invitations, special cards and collectables.
  • 30 sheets of Acid Free Archive Tissue Paper
    To carefully pack your dress.
  • Documents:
    • The Wedding Day record Sheet
    • Diary Sheet
    • Memo Sheet
    • Wedding Certificate
    • Acid Free Certificate Envelope
    • Identity Tag & Ribbons

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The Wedding Dress Box will help you keep your Wedding dress professionally stored and safe from permanent damage, for generations as long as it stored carefully. Leading British museums and archives have recognised the need to use the highest quality, acid-free storage boxes for decades, which is why they use exactly the same materials from exactly the same company I. Waterman (Box Makers) Ltd, makers of fine boxes since 1897.

Caring For Your Wedding Dress

For some excellent tips on storing your precious wedding dress see these article:-

* The Wedding Dress Box collection meets international standards: ISO 9706: 1994 (Paper for Documents Requirements for Permanence); ISO 14523: 1999 (Photographic Activity Test for enclosure materials) or Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry T509 and T529 (surface pH measurement of paper).

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Wedding Box plus the Large Wedding Dress Box

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After all there is something about a wedding-gown prettier than in any other gown in the world.
 ~Douglas William Jerrold

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